Business English – Coffee time ☕

The reason why I went to Starbucks is simply that it was easy to find. You knew what you were getting and mainly you could stay forever in there. Remember the memes on hipsters who took their PC (screens and everything) in there or people went in to write a deep and meaningful work?

For me, it was just quite convenient. I must also say that my orientation skills at least in the big cities tend to be really appalling. Everything looks the same like… everything is full of the same chains. Once I was talking to a friend and I was explaining this and how they are everywhere and she told me there were no Starbucks in Italy. Really? I couldn’t believe it! Well, this has recently changed.

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😂Summer time: Despacito 🇮🇹❤️🇪🇸

It is not even summer yet and I think we can officially declare “Despacito by Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee as THE song of the summer of 2017. Unless you’ve been isolated in a remote location you must be familiar with this song:

It’s been played on radio stations all over the world several times a day and then, back in April Justin Bieber made it even more viral if possible by releasing his own version (even though he is not quite familiar with the lyrics still).

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For and against with Kanye West (Speaking)🇪🇸

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One glorious day one of my students decided to greet me with “Miss, Kanye is love, Kanye is life”. After my “good morning to you too” we all briefly discussed all this Kanye West phenomenon going on (his ego, his statements, lyrics, “epic tweets”…) and I was particularly interested in the Happy Kanye Sad Kanye moments (at some point he didn’t want to be seen smiling. See slide 3) since it was a perfect start to create a speaking activity for the students to practise their A2 Spanish Speaking exam (Part 1). And…I mean…after all, Kanye can never be wrong.

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