👨🏿‍💻 Netflix needs translators

Last weekend a friend of mine asked me to take the HERMES test. What is this test about?

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😍 What a discovery! ðŸ‘ï¸

Last week, my mom who is learning English and French at the Official School of Languages (EOI) asked me if I was tempted by any books from her school’s library since she was going to collect one for herself. I checked the libraries’ catalogue very quickly and I was happily surprised to find these:


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A2 Translation – Simon (Schama) Says 🇪🇸 🇫🇷 ðŸ‡©ðŸ‡ª

So I was on twitter when this tweet popped up in my feed:


How to forget those epic lessons on History of the English language back in the day when I was studying at uni? Endless hours of watching A History of Britain. Each of us had a unique way to impersonate the myth, the legend that is Simon Schama. And in what way Simon is the gift that keeps on giving?

Many of his tweets are pretty useful for the MFL lessons (with the Y13 in particular) since he often talks about the topics included in the subject.

How do I work with this type of material? 
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