😂Summer time: Despacito 🇮🇹❤️🇪🇸

It is not even summer yet and I think we can officially declare “Despacito by Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee as THE song of the summer of 2017. Unless you’ve been isolated in a remote location you must be familiar with this song:

It’s been played on radio stations all over the world several times a day and then, back in April Justin Bieber made it even more viral if possible by releasing his own version (even though he is not quite familiar with the lyrics still).

There have been lots of parodies about the catchy song. Fly attendants from Ryanair trying to sell lottery tickets, legendary Spanish comedians (Los Morancos) denouncing the unfairness of Spanish law… the list is long.

Then, 3 Italian comedians decided to film a video expressing their feelings towards the catchy song (subtitles available in English, Italian and Spanish). Simply hilarious. Take a look:

First, they hate the song. Even if they change the station it will be played in another station anyway. It’s been like that since January and they feel like they had enough but in the end… they succumb to this infectious Latin rhythm.

This parody is perfect to talk about an interesting topic withing the Spanish culture: La canción del verano. Ask students if they know how important it is, if they know any Latin summer hits, if they agree with the Italians about these types of seasonal songs, if the songs always have the same topics, rhythms… So much vocab has been learned through decades thanks to hits like this one.

The clip with the 3 amigos went so viral that even the singer of the original song decided to participate in a second part of the comedy bit.

Another idea would be to play this second video after the questions and stop it at 1:17 so you can ask they students how do they think the singer would react after meeting the Italians who made fun of him. In that way, you can discuss how Latin America and Italy share that great sense of humour. 

I love how Fonsi took the whole thing and Enrique Iglesias must be on holiday for once. Although… summer is just getting started so BEWARE!!!

P.S. If you don’t want to be like Justin and want to learn the lyrics > here.


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