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After spending endless hours compiling a collection of free to use and share photos I’ve created this free presentation in order to help students with the Spanish speaking exam.

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👾 GCSE – Card Game 🇪🇸 +🖨️

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This is a card game I created for my shyest Y11. I simply used one card once a week and it worked miracles. Most of them feared having that blank page feeling and with these cards they were able to focus on a target (which they found quite helpful) and of course, they also love a bit of competition.

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📍Auroville 🇮🇳 – (Revision) 🇪🇸


I was lucky enough to find a chronicle I can relate to most of the topics covered in the AQA A2 exam. It took me some time until I found the perfect story for my students’ revision time.

It is some info about a place called Auroville (in India) and the idea of a place with no official religion, currency and a very particular form of government seems fascinating to me and fortunately my students liked it too so feel free to have a look and use it in your lessons if you find it useful.

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What a brilliant idea 💡🏥🏆🥇

A couple of weeks ago, while participating in a languages chat (#charlaele1) on Twitter I saw this tweet:idea-genial-translated

It was an answer to the question: What advantages does project-based learning (PBL) offer when teaching Spanish as a second language?

I instantly fell in love with her project. Unfortunately, way too often teachers can hear from their students the typical phrase: “So… what is the point of doing this?“. That’s why PBL is the perfect cure for that kind of statements but this project, in particular, has an outstanding purpose. Sending “get well soon” messages to patients in hospitals.

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