Business English – Coffee time â˜•

The reason why I went to Starbucks is simply that it was easy to find. You knew what you were getting and mainly you could stay forever in there. Remember the memes on hipsters who took their PC (screens and everything) in there or people went in to write a deep and meaningful work?

For me, it was just quite convenient. I must also say that my orientation skills at least in the big cities tend to be really appalling. Everything looks the same like… everything is full of the same chains. Once I was talking to a friend and I was explaining this and how they are everywhere and she told me there were no Starbucks in Italy. Really? I couldn’t believe it! Well, this has recently changed.

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📺 Madness in the pastry shop ðŸ¤¤

bogeria a la pastisseria

TV Show Bogeria a la Pastisseria on channel TV3

Roughly we could translate the name of the show as Madness in the pastry shop although it is probably not the kind of madness one expects from the average baking reality (that we’ve been bombarded with lately). In my opinion, this creative madness gets closer to the genius type of madness and this is only one of the reasons why I have decided to share this tv show in here.

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📺 TV: Conan Without Borders: Made In Mexico ðŸ‡²ðŸ‡½+🇺🇸


Once again Conan packs his suitcase and this time he and part of his team are taking us to Mexico. In such a troubling time for American-Mexican relations (especially due to the new administration), he decided to bring some comedy in order to make some Mexican friends.

What to expect from this show? Comedy that includes: The border, THE famous wall, telenovelas, Diego Luna, lucha libre, Mexican food, Vicente Fox flipping the bird… and much more.

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📺 italy’s invisible cities ðŸ‡®ðŸ‡¹


Using the latest 3D scanning technology, Alexander Armstrong and Dr Michael Scott uncover the hidden history of Italian civilisation and city life.

Stunning images of places you probably haven’t seen before in Naples, Venice and Florence  in your average touristic route but that you can access now thanks to the last technology. For instance, take a look at this 360 videos that appear in the show:

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