Yesterday, I read in the papers that the first Spanish female judge in the European Court of Human Rights was chosen by The Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly. Hurray? Well… get ready!


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📺 This is art 🇪🇸


Last but not least, to finish with this trilogy of recommendations I would love to speak highly of this Spanish TV show called This is art. The show explores art (music, painting, sculpture, literature…) and its history through different emotions.

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🤔 Makeover for poorly-prepared English teachers 🎓🇬🇧

Last week I was chilling out, just watching some telly and suddenly I remembered that a TV program called Cámbiame (highly recommended for the topic of fashion) was just about to get started. It is quite popular and entertaining but that day… it made me feel really depressed.

The show is about people who ask for a makeover because they want to change their style and for various reasons they have struggled but this post is not about fashion. It is about something that really shocked me and that sadly I had the misfortune to see on other occasions. English teachers that do not seem to have a solid basic level of the subject they teach.

What do I mean? Please, take a look at the following video. The girl is Rocio, an English high school teacher from Spain who has to translate sentences about herself (into English) to random people who passes by.

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