🙃 Ivanka Trump and Words 🇺🇲

Some of the things that fascinate me, in particular, is how do people use languages, as in what do they do with that linguistic code, and why do they do so.

Recently, I am very interested (believe it or not) in anything that has to do with Ivanka Trump’s use of language. Why? Take a look at this video:

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Culture: Valentine’s day 🗺️❤️️+🇪🇸

LOVE. What a great reason to celebrate!

Valentine’s Day is one of those festivities (so commercial and with such a universal topic) that counts with a humongous amount of materials that can be taken to the classroom. For that reason, I’ve decided to share my selection for this year, just in case you want to get some ideas in no time.

My first pic is this infographic (even if I am no big fan of using infographics often because I think they are being overused these days) that reminded me of my uni days and how mistaken I was about how simple the celebration is.

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