A2 Speaking cards (revision) 🇪🇸


To be honest I love these cards simply because they are so easy to store (can easily fit into the palm of your hand) and the students can take them with them as either homework or practice. Somehow students are keener to work on a small card rather than the normal A4 format for some reason. I guess it looks like less hard work when it’s really the same 🙂 .

Resources like this one (that take me a bit longer than usual to prepare) are the ones I sell for a couple of pounds so I can save up for a PGCE BUT do not worry. This is not a sales pitch or anything like it.

The reason why I do publish these premium materials from time to time is because even if you don’t buy them they can help you have other ideas to design your own materials.

ALSO you can have them for FREE this week because I was given this voucher.


Enter code MEGA-MARCH at https://www.tes.com/redeem for £3 credit to spend on teaching resources. Code expires midnight Saturday 4 March. I mean… why not? It’s free!

A simple set of 54 speaking cards on the topics of:

>Protecting the planet


>Wealth and poverty
>Law and order

Just print and play!

Oh! You can also use that code to get anything you want on TES (that costs £3 or less) so treat yourself!



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