🇫🇷 TV Shows + travelling ðŸ‘‚📺

With this video, you will practice your listening skills in French and you will also be marvelled by these cinematographic stunning filming locations. Enjoy!


📚 Instituto Cervantes’s e-library â¤ï¸â¤ï¸â¤ï¸


Screenshot of the library’s main page

Since I am still saving up in order to afford a PGCE I can’t spend much money on treats anymore but fortunately, there are still ways to treat yourself without breaking your piggy bank. This time I would like to recommend the Instituto Cervantes e-library. I’ve recently got access to this wonderful library catalogue and I would like to share my opinion about it. 

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📽 Faces Places 🇫🇷 ðŸ˜

At age 89, legendary French filmmaker Agnès Varda has collaborated with 34-year-old visual artist JR on a remarkable new film, titled Faces Places. In it, the two of them journey from one rural French village to another, meeting people, taking their photographs, and printing large-scale versions of them, placed grandly within the environments.

Film Society of Lincoln Center 

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📺 TV: Conan Without Borders: Made In Mexico ðŸ‡²ðŸ‡½+🇺🇸


Once again Conan packs his suitcase and this time he and part of his team are taking us to Mexico. In such a troubling time for American-Mexican relations (especially due to the new administration), he decided to bring some comedy in order to make some Mexican friends.

What to expect from this show? Comedy that includes: The border, THE famous wall, telenovelas, Diego Luna, lucha libre, Mexican food, Vicente Fox flipping the bird… and much more.

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