💪 GCSE Revision – Photo card 🗨️


GCSE Revision collage by CHP

If you ever had to teach this part of the exam you may have spent endless hours trying to find a picture with good enough content related to the topics so it can be described by the students. Furthermore, at some point, you might have even felt so frustrated that you even considered becoming a photographer and staging the whole thing but it can be way more simple than that.

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📷 Resources: Just a pic 🇩🇪

I was looking for some photos for the What’s in the photo bit of the Spanish GCSE speaking exam and I’ve found this one that could be great for the students of German (*Not that I teach German but just in case it is useful for someone else).

To be more specific: Topic 1 Identity and culture > Technology in everyday life.



What’s on the picture?

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¿Cuánto cuesta? deluxe ed. 🇪🇸



Do you want to know what is the most expensive restaurant in the world? Well… there is Google and there is also this stupendous presentation that not only includes that but there is also a list of the most expensive food one can get from around the world.

The purposes of this Powerpoint are to revise high numbers, practicing the vocab related to the topic of food and a healthy diet and showing your students part of the Spanish culture.

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