🎃 This is Halloween 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

This time I would like to recommend a Halloween story. The king of a story I would have loved to read in my literature class at uni but sadly we never found the time for it.


This one happens in Scotland but not in October as we are used to celebrating such spooky festivity. August is the time for enchantments and rituals that will bring terrifying consequences in Scottish lands.

The text is full of interesting vocab, folklore and it is beautifully written by Philarète Chasles. Its title: The Eye With No Lid.

As a teacher, you already know plenty of ways to work with such texts. The way I go with this one is by introducing the author and the story a bit. We talk about how the students celebrate this holiday and what do they think of scary tales in general. Then we read the text almost to its entirety since I remove the ending so they guess first what could happen in the end after all we’ve read. But that is the final activity besides asking about their opinion of the whole text. Continue reading

💪 GCSE Revision – Photo card 🗨️


GCSE Revision collage by CHP

If you ever had to teach this part of the exam you may have spent endless hours trying to find a picture with good enough content related to the topics so it can be described by the students. Furthermore, at some point, you might have even felt so frustrated that you even considered becoming a photographer and staging the whole thing but it can be way more simple than that.

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📍Auroville 🇮🇳 – (Revision) 🇪🇸


I was lucky enough to find a chronicle I can relate to most of the topics covered in the AQA A2 exam. It took me some time until I found the perfect story for my students’ revision time.

It is some info about a place called Auroville (in India) and the idea of a place with no official religion, currency and a very particular form of government seems fascinating to me and fortunately my students liked it too so feel free to have a look and use it in your lessons if you find it useful.

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Culture: Valentine’s day 🗺️❤️️+🇪🇸

LOVE. What a great reason to celebrate!

Valentine’s Day is one of those festivities (so commercial and with such a universal topic) that counts with a humongous amount of materials that can be taken to the classroom. For that reason, I’ve decided to share my selection for this year, just in case you want to get some ideas in no time.

My first pic is this infographic (even if I am no big fan of using infographics often because I think they are being overused these days) that reminded me of my uni days and how mistaken I was about how simple the celebration is.

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PEOPLE: Miss, Who is French? 🇫🇷

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On one occasion a couple of my students asked me if I could think of 10 French personalities that were not death. I was a bit shocked by the question since I was not their French teacher (they had a great teacher btw) so I asked them, what was the purpose of such question? (…and luckily I could name my 10 :P).

Then they explained to me that sometimes they felt a bit ignorant because they didn´t know much about French celebrities the way the French exchange students (that visited us) did know about British and American celebrities. So I went:

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