😍 What a discovery! 👁️

Last week, my mom who is learning English and French at the Official School of Languages (EOI) asked me if I was tempted by any books from her school’s library since she was going to collect one for herself. I checked the libraries’ catalogue very quickly and I was happily surprised to find these:


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📚 Pros & Cons: A Debaters Handbook


Pros & Cons: A Debater’s Handbook

Nowadays it seems that we can easily access every bit of information through the Internet but to be honest some quests can be a bit overwhelming due to the excess of data on some topics.

When I was starting as a language assistant  I was running out of ideas when looking for arguments to defend or to oppose a topic included in the themes of the A2 Spanish exam so I decided to take a quick break to clear my mind.

Somehow I ended up in the school library and I bumped into this new acquisition. It is an excellent book that contains in a very well structured and schematic manner. The book is divided into eight varied thematic sections:

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