🎨 watercolourworld.org ❤️

I won’t get into full detail since everything is very well explained in the actual website (About us section) but I will tell you that here it is a wonderful source of images for your lessons.

Watercolours painted before 1900 and available with a high digital resolution! Landscapes, architecture, portraits, travel, animals, flowers… plenty of topics.

Have fun exploring the place. Look for remote places you are interested in or if you don’t know where to start there is even a selection of some of their favourite paintings. This sort of prehistoric Instagram has plenty to offer and it is just getting started.

You can use the images in many ways. It can be useful for teaching History, Art, Science… but since my field is Modern Languages I have personally used them to describe pictures, to decorate the classroom, to find local artists, to talk about the past plenty of possibilities.

Please, remember to credit properly if you use their images. As it can be read on their page:

“We have shared these images with a credit and hyperlink to the collection, and ask you to do the same if you choose to share or use them. Read our Copyright Statement to learn more”.

Perhaps you could even give a helping hand by volunteering, submitting a watercolour or locating some of the images that are in need of some extra info.

A massive THANK YOU to the UK-based charity that created the project and made it global and to the people and institutions who facilitated the archives and technology.

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