😅 What do you mean? 🇪🇸

Warning! This post contains swearing.

Sometimes when you are in a foreign country or in a place where a foreign language is being used you can experience this phenomenon when a word or expression means something different in another language you are familiar with.

Some of the most recent cases I bumped into are:

Firstly. this fabulous frame that I found while I was shopping at Paperchase (damn I love stationary!).

Marrano???!!! What do you mean? Thank God it was not a mirror. Why?

And it seems to me that most examples I find are a bit NSFW like the next one. The name that was given to the following item is probably not very suitable for the Spanish class even if this hole punch was just what I was looking for.

I’ll get it anyway but I would probably not take it to class or use it especially in front of Mexicans since:

Lastly, one of these cases that always makes me smile can be seen pretty often in the UK and it is fun, literally:

If you add an accent mark on the o (diversión) it means FUN in Spanish so I always read: “fun, this way”. A funny sort of false friends.

More similar examples in other European languages:  http://edl.ecml.at/LanguageFun/Sameworddifferentmeaning


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