🤔Opinion: Spanish ONLY?! 🇪🇸

When I was a teaching assistant, one of the most popular questions I got asked was: “Do you actually talk to the students in Spanish ALL THE TIME?”

This ‘Spanish only’ approach is actually quite old*. A great example that illustrates how old this matter is is the following sketch from SNL. *Eddie Murphy old.

There is a thin line between helping the students and making them feel stupid (big mistake) or disengaged. So where is the key for me? It is not that simple.

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🎤 Eurovision: 🇵🇹 >🏆

What a wonderful night we had last Saturday and mainly because of this:

The Eurovision festival is known among other things for its craziness. Insane looks, tunes, choreographies, singers… but the stunning performance that won the show had none of that. It was so pure and simple!

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