👾 GCSE – Card Game 🇪🇸 +🖨️

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This is a card game I created for my shyest Y11. I simply used one card once a week and it worked miracles. Most of them feared having that blank page feeling and with these cards they were able to focus on a target (which they found quite helpful) and of course, they also love a bit of competition.

Every time I publish a premium resource in here is because I try to share them when there is a sale or discount and also because even if you don’t buy them, the idea may be useful somehow for your own lessons.

There is a sale on Tes right now so ALL premium resources will have a 25% discount at least from Wednesday 12 to Saturday 15 April .


Going back to the game, you will find 60 printable cards (where the students will find some targets they have to try to accomplish by including those in their answer) and a PowerPoint with 120 slides that contain the questions and model answers with the targets highlighted.


3.1.1 Theme 1: Identity and culture
1: Me, my family and friends
2: Technology in everyday life
3: Free-time activities
4: Customs and festivals in Spanish-speaking countries/communities

3.1.2 Theme 2: Local, national, international and global areas of interest
1: Home, town, neighbourhood and region
2: Social issues
3: Global issues
4: Travel and tourism

3.1.3 Theme 3: Current and future study and employment
1: My studies
2: Life at school/college
3: Education post-16
4: Jobs, career choices and ambitions

Great for either Speaking or Writing practice and especially for some grammar revision. Although it took me ages to make them my students love them and I hope yours love them too.


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