📚 + 📺 Ian Gibson on Spain 🇪🇸

Last night I was really happy to see this interview with Ian Gibson (Irish author and Hispanist) on a Spanish late night show called Late Motiv.

He’s been in Spain for a long time (60 years) and after watching the interview I feel like he knows us so well. People often find interesting the perception others have from us and in this case, I love how in such simple words he characterized Spain and its people with such detail. Bold and clear statements on:

  • The potential of Spain
  • Francoism
  • The Spaniards
  • Writers like Machado, Lorca…
  • Brexit
  • The Scottish referendum
  • The “discovery” of America
  • Spanish symbols like the bull
  • The importance of the melting pot
  • Language

So it is due to this variety of topics that I think this interview would be excellent for those interested in any of the topics mentioned above and in particular, for the year 13 (for instance, the topic of racism and integration could be easily linked to some of the statements mentioned in the interview).

Pure elegance and eloquence in my opinion. I particularly liked his vision of what he called the “dinero fácil and the effects that had in the past and that it does still have nowadays in Spain.

Oh! And all this because he has a new book by the way. It is called Aventuras Ibéricas and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.


I hope you like it!


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