What The Fuck France 🇫🇷+🇬🇧😂


*Warning! This post may contain a bit, some, a fair amount of swearing!

What The Fuck France is a highly recommended comedy show broadcasted by Canal+. Why is it so highly recommended? I’m glad you fucking asked!

Everything started with this video:

Paul Taylor decided to quit his job at Apple to become a stand-up comedian. -Yeah! Really-. He is English and a You Tube sensation since he posted this video about La bise (kissing to say hello) that was created to promote his stand-up show.

Everything started when his American friend Robert, who used to run an English-speaking comedy night in Paris (http://www.frenchfriedcomedy.com/), encouraged him to film this sketch.

The video had something like 1.000.000 views in 1 week. People liked the idea of an English guy who speaks French fluently but he doesn’t quite understand France and one of those interested in the project was Canal+.

The show is packed with clichés, French traditions, endless questions about the French culture and all in all very decent comedy gold moments so take a couple of minutes to enjoy some of the videos. They are kind of addictive so once you start it is really hard not to go for another one.

You should also take a look at the Making of of the show so you get the grips of how it is made and how awesome the people behind the show is.

Although the use of swear words is pretty frequent I think the show is totally suitable for y11 students* (16 years old) onwards. There are French subtitles and the amount of vocabulary and cultural knowledge that the students retain after watching the videos is pretty impressive.

Lastly, if you are in France you have also the chance to go to his stand-up show: #FRANGLAIS – Stand up comedy 50% in French et 50% en anglais.


I think it would be really interesting to see when he switches from one language to the other but since I am poor and I cannot afford it I hope someone else has the chance to enjoy the show. Bisous à tous!

*[Yeah, this recommendation may be a bit shocking for some muggles. I am well aware that the use of swear words could cause (to some people) the same reaction wizards experience when they hear the word Voldemort but I consider that swearwords are a vital part of a language and that they are broadly used in today’s society, therefore, I don’t see why they should be outlawed. If in your opinion this material is shocking or offensive just don’t use it.]


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