📽 CINEMA: Rock’n Roll 🇫🇷 +🤘


What a treat for next weekend! We all have some growing up to do and this film can help loads or at least you will have a good laugh for sure.

Let’s start by having a look at the trailer:


Why you should watch it? Brilliant ideas and lots of good comedy.

The first thing that came to my mind when I heard about the plot was that time when  Joaquin Phoenix pretended to be a hip hop artist IRL for the project I’m Still Here. A fake documentary (aka mockumentary) on the transition that Phoenix “experienced” from being an actor to becoming a hip hop artist. It was a really cool idea since the actor had to pretend in real life that this change was actually happening and kind of made me think of how much info we take, accept as real and fake from celebrities.

In Rock’ n Roll though things are somehow quite different. Even if we have lots of real elements within the film (Marion Cotillard is married to Guillaume Canet, his parents, his producer Alain Attal, he plays guitar, Johnny Hallyday, JOHNNY HALLYDAY!!! …) we know from the beginning that this is not a documentary. It is a film that intends to show many valuable ideas based on a fictitious reality but a reality that we could imagine as real, very possible. (*please do not confuse with “alternative facts”= MASSIVE LIES aka bullshit).


Guillaume Canet, Johnny Hallyday and Marion Cotillard – Source: http://www.allocine.fr

One of these valuable ideas is the importance we give to that sort of crisis we tend to suffer when we hit certain age since we are not considered as cool, hip, young… (you name it) anymore. We always seem to live in a society obsessed with looks and appearance. Check the history books, this topic (even if it seems very recent) it’s been causing trouble for a while. But still, we struggle. Why? I find that fascinating!

I don’t personally think this is only a problem for “the grownups”. The selfie generation is also linked to this problematic. How so? The importance both groups give to the image that others have of them although perhaps we show it in different ways.

So who are the real rock and rollers? In my opinion… those who allow themselves to be truly free and care so little about what others think about them that they can even make fun of themselves easily. That is what Guillaume does with this brilliant movie I think.

Although the list is long some of my fab rockers include:


  • The select club of ladies and gentleman who use plastic bags to cover themselves in order to not to get wet when it rains. (They even have their own stock image! And such VIP groupies).
  • Those really old ladies at the supermarkets that always get everything they want (like chocolate, sweets, ice-cream, cookies… #treatyoselfsista), they say whatever they want and they dress however they like.

What? Really? Joyce? are you high and drunk already in order to get in the spirit of rock and roll to write this post you crazy #%$@…?

Chill! It’s all in the name of comedy and love. During one of my favourite moments in the movie there is a fart involved (nothing as liberating and funny as a fart) that reminded me of one of the loveliest quotes of all time made by James Joyce but since I am not cool enough for this explanation please let Donald Sutherland explain this to you:

The phrase love is in the air never made more sense:

“I think I would know Nora’s fart anywhere. I think I could pick hers out in a roomful of farting women.”

― James Joyce, Selected Letters of James Joyce

If you want to take this film into your languages class it is great to see how Marion perfections an accent when preparing a role (quite funny as well) perfect to talk about phonetics and also there are lots of vocab related to the topics of music, relationships… It is also great to generate multiple debates.

So… it breaks with that general vision young people have of celebs who live in a bubble filled with luxuries and it reflects that actors are human beings with worries, feelings and problems like everyone else.

All in all, great actors, great ideas and great comedy! So rocky it reminds you what freedom tastes like.

When? 15th of February 2017

Let yourselves be free and rock on ppl!!! 🤘


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