Clothing (Speaking) 🇪🇸 / 🗣️ 👕


“If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?”

That’s just the starting question in this PowerPoint where students have to:

  • Use the grammatical structure: Voy a + infinitive (llevar, elegir, ponerme…).
  • Choose from different looks and describe them by using “muy, poco, bastante…” + plenty of adjectives.
  • Become a personal stylist for their friends or even their teacher so they can practice the topic’s vocab.

… but of course, there are other different ways of using this presentation.

It includes some fashionable looks, different clothing items, celebs like Cara Delavigne, Jourdan Dunn, Benedict Cumberbatch or LeBron James which is also a plus.

So all in all, 3 speaking activities based on the topic of fashion and clothing. The instructions for each activity are included as notes on the PowerPoint (Menu>View>Notes).

Oh, and btw. If I had to choose what to wear for the rest of my life I am confident in saying that pyjamas would be a winning choice. Don’t you think so?


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