Conan O’Brien has always been one of my favourite American comedians/ late night hosts and not long ago (last December) he decided to join Flula Borg (German DJ, actor, and YouTube personality among other things) in order to visit the magnificent city that is Berlin.

Even though the show is mainly in English, there are plenty of references to the language and of course to the Germanic culture. All the usual topics about Germany are covered: The Wall, the food, the folklore…

Some topics may be a bit inappropriate for the younger ones since there are some sexual references and a whole block about S&M but it can always be edited. If you are old enough though the whole thing is hilarious.

My favourite part was when he visited the refugees at the Tempelhof airport. It was a great way to approach the subject and it also made me fall in love even more with Berlin and its people.

Some ideas to work with this video are asking students to guess what will Conan buy at the flea market (since you can find anything! So it is great for vocab), what do the idioms may mean before they reveal the actual meaning, compose a text about what would they like to do if they had the chance to be there right now for a day… but I am sure you can come up with great ideas.

Where to watch this? > http://teamcoco.com/berlin/conan-streets-of-berlin

Are you going to miss this?

Hast Du nicht mehr alle Tassen im Schrank? You probably do not have all of the cups inside your cupboard if so 😉


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