The Goethe Institut ❤️️❤️️❤️️ 🇩🇪

I was looking for some info in the Gothe Institut webpage and I was so happy to see how helpful the institution has been towards refugees.



I just wanted to express how proud I am of them and how efficient they have been and are by providing this sort of help.

After checking other websites like the Instituto Cervantes, the Institut Français,  the Società Dante Alighieri or the British Council I must say that the German take on this issue is a great example that needs to be followed. Although I am aware that these countries are surely providing endless care to those affected I think that language institutions should as well include in their homepages some info (that I still have not found) that helps the refugees in their quest for integration.

A quick vocab list with essential phrases, a simple infographic showing the basics on the country’s culture… Language institutions are always defending the use of new technologies so what about creating an app for the refugees?

I am simply highlighting that it takes seconds to create a post in their homepages and I don’t see why it would be a bad idea to do so but I know they have been helping in many other ways to this cause. This is just an idea to make the most out of their resources.

All my respect and admiration to those who work helping the refugees.

P.S. News that show how these institutions have been helping LOTS!

Instituto cervantes / Institut Français / British Council / … ❤️️


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