A2 Translation – Simon (Schama) Says 🇪🇸 🇫🇷 🇩🇪

So I was on twitter when this tweet popped up in my feed:


How to forget those epic lessons on History of the English language back in the day when I was studying at uni? Endless hours of watching A History of Britain. Each of us had a unique way to impersonate the myth, the legend that is Simon Schama. And in what way Simon is the gift that keeps on giving?

Many of his tweets are pretty useful for the MFL lessons (with the Y13 in particular) since he often talks about the topics included in the subject.

How do I work with this type of material? 

We read the tweet… AND THEN:

Depending on the language you are working on you can change your Twitter settings in the target language because then the English tweet will show the possibility of being translated in the language you selected in your Twitter account.

Click on (1) À l’origine en anglais and you’ll have a translation made by Bing (2). Since the translations tend to have some mistakes the students have to verify if the translation is correct or not and if not offer a better onetweet-simon-shama-traduccion-fr

Then they can also discuss (either speaking or writing) if they agree or disagree with the author and why. In this specific tweet, we find the topics of #IT and #Immigration so two for the price of one.

I like to use real materials rather than making up some sentences but truth to be said it takes some precious time to find content like this. Sometimes making up stuff is really handy if you are looking for specific structures or specific content but at the same time, my students seem to value a bit more this type of material since they feel like there is a real usage for what they’ve learned. So if you have a bit of free time I highly recommend trying this activity with your students.

The Same thing can be done with other languages:



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